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Exchange students

Application for Exchange Programmes

For more detailed information, please consult: Xiamen University Factsheet for AY 2017-2018.

1. Eligibility

(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens from partner universities of Xiamen University. (List of XMU’s partner universities)

(2) Applicants must be in good health.

Note: For foreign citizens of Chinese origin, only after being officially recognized by the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau as foreign citizens can they make registration and apply for Residence Permit in China. Please refer to the Instructions on Citizenship Certification for more information

2. Application time: 

(1) Deadline for online application: For spring entry: Oct. 15; for fall entry: Apr. 1

(2) Submission of documents: 

Application documents should be mailed to the XMU's Office of International Cooperation and Exchange 

within 15 days after the deadline for online application.

3. Application procedures

(1) Online application:

Applicants should first make online application at


1. Please do choose the option of exchange programme.

2. Online application is mandatory. Application form will be generated automatically upon successful online application. Paper-based applications with no online signing-up will not be considered.

(2) Submission of application documents:Application documents should be mailed to the XMU Office of International Cooperation and Exchange by the exchange office of one’s home university within 15 days after the deadline of online application.

★ Application procedures:

4. Application documents

(1) Application Form for Exchange Students, which should be completed in Chinese or English and then printed out after successful online application.

(2) A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s home university.

(3) Current academic transcripts in English or Chinese.

(4) Write a personal statement (minimum 1000 words) in Chinese or English, which should include a self-introduction, a description of educational experience, the motivations for studying in China.

(5) Photocopy of Chinese (HSK) or English Proficiency Certificate or medium-of-instruction certificate.

(6) Photocopy of a valid passport.

5. Academic programmes

Inter-university exchange students are required to sign up for Chinese language course offered by the XMU Overseas Education College or courses offered by other school/colleges in correspondence with their major, credit requirements and language proficiency level.

(1) Chinese language course

Applicants who do not reach the Chinese language requirements of any academic program are advised to take Chinese language course at XMU Overseas Education College on Xiang’an campus.

(2) Chinese-medium programmes

A majority of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes are taught in Chinese. For more information on academic programmes, please visit the website of XMU Admissions Office ( and refer to the section of “Academic Programs”.

★ Chinese proficiency requirements

Applicants for programmes in the humanities, economics, management, law, arts and traditional Chinese medicine need to have a Chinese proficiency certificate of new HSK band 5 with the score 210 or above; applicants for programmes in sciences should have a certificate of new HSK band 4 with the score 210 or above.

(3) English-medium programmes

The university currently offers one undergraduate programmes, 17 master’s programmes and over 40 doctoral programmes in English. For detailed information, please clickhere to find out more on academic programs in English.

★ English proficiency requirements

Applicants should present a TOEFL certificate with 80 points or above, or an IELTS certificate with grade 6.0 or above, or another certificate of English proficiency from an accredited test. Native English speakers and applicants who have taken courses in English are exempt from this requirement, but a medium-of-instruction certificate should be furnished.

6. Location of campuses

Students of the Overseas Education College, School of Life Sciences, Medical School, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Public Health, College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, College of Environment and Ecology, Coastal and Ocean Management Institute, College of Energy Research and School of Aerospace Engineering are accommodated on Xiang’an campus. Others will reside on Siming campus.

7. Acceptance

XMU Office of International Cooperation and Exchange will conduct a preliminary review and then forward the qualified applications to the XMU Admissions Office for further academic review. Admission decisions will be made on the basis of the applicants' academic performance, language proficiency and their program preference.

The University will publish the admission outcome on the application system one month after the paper application deadline and send out the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (JW202) to the exchange office of the applicant’s home university soon afterwards. Applicants can log into the online application system ( to find out the result of their application and detailed information regarding the delivery of the admission package.

Note: Students are required to complete registration with the School or College stipulated in their admission notice.

8. Length of exchange programmes and registration date

(1) Length: one semester or one academic year.

(2) Registration date: Mid- February for the spring semester; Mid- September for the fall semester. Please refer to the admission notice for the exact date.

9. Study expenses

(1) Tuition fee and accommodation expenses: subject to MoUs between universities.  

(2) Other expense, including living cost and student insurance, should be borne by students themselves. Monthly living cost is estimated at RMB 1,000.

Note: Students should purchase medical insurance to cover their period of exchange in XMU before landing.

10. Contact information

★ XMU Office of International Cooperation and Exchange (in charge of the management of exchange programmes)






Ms. LIN Tengju



Mr. ZHENG Zhaoyang



Ms. LAI Siwei



Ms. WU Xiaojing


Africa and Oceania

Mr. ZHOU Meng


Address: Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, 8th Floor, Jiageng 3 Building, Siming Campus, Xiamen University, FujianProvince 361005 China


★ XMU Admissions Office (in charge of the enrolment of exchange students)

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★ XMU Overseas Student Affairs Office (in charge of the registration and management of exchange students’ affairs)

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