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The Graduate School Held Coffee Talk with International Students

Date: 2016-10-25 - Views:2256

To better learn about the overall education situation and the life and study of Xiamen University’s international students and further improve the international level of XMU’s postgraduate education, on Oct. 19th, the Graduate School invited 19 international Master’s and doctoral students from 9 colleges such as College of Humanities, School of Journalism & Communication, School of Law, School of Economics, School of Management, College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, School of Information Science & Engineering, Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies and Research School for Southeast Asian Studies, etc. to have a coffee talk with leaders of the Graduate School. The 19 students come from 13 countries such as Columbia, Mexico, Spain, Korea, the Philippines, Pakistan and Ghana, etc. Dr. Taotao, executive dean of the Graduate School hosted the talks in English. Dr. Xue Chenglong, vice director of Office of Academic Affairs and Ms. Fan Lijuan, vice director of Office of Postgraduate Degrees and Program also attended the meeting.

The student attendees participated actively and talked about their own study and life at Xiamen University one after another. They spoke highly of the scenic landscape and well-equipped environment of Xiamen University and they all cherished the precious opportunities to study here. At the same time, students are very active to give suggestions about how to promote the internationalization of university education. Song Eunyeong, Korean doctoral student from the College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering suggested that the places of different courses can be closer because commuting between Siming Campus and Xiang’an campus on the same day was not very convenient. Constantin James Go, Philippine doctoral students from the Research School for Southeast Asian Studies said that he obtained both his bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Xiamen University and is right now pursuing his PhD. degree. He is very much attached to Xiamen University and hopes that supervisors can better guide students through the dissertation writing and help them graduate on time while ensuring the qualities of dissertations.

Mohammad Maruf Has, Bangladesh doctoral student from the School of Economics said that the number of required courses every semester should be better arranged and teaching progress better managed so that international students can better master the knowledge. Shaila Akter Saky, Bangladesh Master's student from the College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering spoke about the lack of communication with his Chinese classmates because of the language barrier. He hoped to communicate more with Chinese students to promote mutual progress. International students at the meeting all expressed the wish to have more Chinese classes to improve their Chinese proficiency. They also expected more translation of university documents and information. Such kinds of talks from the Graduate School have received good response from international students as they provide a platform for the exchange between students and the university. 

The atmosphere over the coffee talks was warm and friendly. Leaders from the Graduate School listened to students’ suggestions carefully, answered their questions patiently and encouraged them to communicate more with their supervisors and classmates. They hoped that international students can adjust to the study and life in the new cultural environment as soon as possible.

Currently, there are 644 international postgraduates from 98 countries studying 108 majors at Xiamen University, accounting for 4.1% of the total postgraduate student population. 

(Source: Graduate School; Translation: OSAO)