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Chinese Govt. Postgraduate Scholarship

Date: 2016-12-16 - Views:85829

Application Guidelines for the 2017 Chinese Government Scholarship -- University Postgraduate Programme, Xiamen University  

1. Introduction  

The “Chinese Government Scholarship -- University Postgraduate Programme”, a full scholarship set up by the Ministry of Education of China (MOE) in 2008, is aimed at promoting Chinese higher education brand on an international basis. Enrolment is managed directly by China’s key universities. As a key comprehensive university, Xiamen University undertakes the enrolment of international postgraduates under this government scholarship.  

2. Eligibility  

(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health.  

(2) Applicants should meet either of the following eligibility requirements:  

not be a registered student in a Chinese university at the time of application;  

a current degree student in a Chinese university who wish to apply for the 2017 master’s or doctoral programs;  

(3) Education background and age limit:  

Applicants for master's degree studies must have a bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35.  

Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have a master's degree and be under the age of 40.  

3. Academic programmes  

Chinese-medium master's and doctoral programmes  

Most master's and doctoral programmes are taught in Chinese. More information about the academic programmes is available on the website of XMU’s Admissions Office.  

English-medium master's and doctoral programmes  

· English-medium master's programmes

Colleges/Schools  Programmes Degree Awarded 
School of Humanities  Chinese Philosophy Master of Philosophy
School of Law  Civil and Commercial Law Master of Law 
International Law
Fiscal and Tax Law
School of International Relations International Relations Master of Law 
School of Economics  International Business Master of Economics 
Coastal and Ocean Management Institute Marine Affairs Master of Science 
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  Chemical Engineering Master of Engineering 
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering  Physical Chemistry Master of Science
School of Information Science and Technology Computer Technology Master of Engineering
Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics Finance Master of Economics
Financial Engineering
Western Economics
Quantitative Economics
Management Economics
Institute for Financial  and Accounting Studies Accounting Master of Management

1) If the number of admitted students is less than five, the University will advise applicants to change their program choice. 
2) For detailed information on program coordinators at their respective colleges or schools, please visit

· English-medium doctoral programmes

Colleges Programmes
College of Humanities Chinese History, Anthropology, Foreign Philosophy
School of Economics Statistics, Energy Economics, Western Economics, National Economics, Population Resources and Environmental Economics
Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics Western Economics, Finance, Quantitative Economics, Statistics, Labour Economics, Regional Economics
School of Management Management Science and Engineering
Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies Accounting, Finance
School of Law International Law
South China Sea Institute Law of the Sea
Intellectual Property Research Institute Intellectual Property Law
College of Physical Science and Technology Electromechanical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics
School of Mathematical Sciences Computational Mathematics
College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Chemical Biology, Energy Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
School of Information Science and Technology Computer Science and Technology, Communication and Information System, Signal and Information Processing, Electronic Science and Technology
School of Life Sciences Zoology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Hydrobiology, Cell Biology, Genetics
College of the Environment and Ecology Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Engineering, Ecology 
Coastal and Ocean Management Institute Marine Affairs
School of International Relations World Economy, World History
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Chemical Biology
Institute of Education Higher Education

1. If the number of admitted students in the PhD program offered by the School of Management is less than five, the University will advise applicants to change their program choice.

2. For detailed information on supervisors and program coordinators at their respective colleges or schools, please visit

Note: This scholarship is not available to students majoring in Master's Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL), their native language or in a third-country language such as English or French.  

4. Duration of scholarship


★For those whose Chinese proficiency level have not met the requirements and wish to take remedial Chinese courses before their major study, they are expected to have obtained the new HSK certificate of band 4 for programs in the humanities, economics, management, law, arts and traditional Chinese medicine, or band 3 for programs in sciences, engineering and medicine. Only by passing the required new HSK test within the year could they start their major study. English-medium programmes do not have Chinese proficiency requirements.  

The scholarship awardees' academic performance will be assessed each year and only those achieving the required standard will have their scholarship renewed for the following year.  

5. Scholarship availability: To be confirmed by Ministry of Education.

6. Scholarship details  

① Exemption from tuition fee;

② Accommodation on campus or providing off-campus accommodation monetary subsidy(undergraduate students/master’s students: CNY 700 per month; doctoral students (senior scholars): CNY 1000 per month);  

Living allowance: RMB 3,000/month/person for master's students; RMB 3,500 /month /person for doctoral students;  

④ Comprehensive medical insurance;

International travel expenses: self-afforded.

7. Application time: Feb. 1 to March 31, 2017  

8. Application procedures  

Applicants are eligible for scholarship assessment only after they are admitted to the master's or doctoral programme of Xiamen University. (Application guidelines for master’s programmes / doctoral programmes 2017 are available at

(1)Applicants shall make online application at (Agency No. of Xiamen University at CSC: 10384) and download and print out the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship and then sign the form.

(2)Applicants are required to make another online application at and then download and print out the Application Form for International Students generated upon successful online application. 

(3)Submission of application documents:  

Send by post to the XMU’s Admissions Office by 31st March 2017 the two forms and other required documents. Their hard-copy application documents should reach the Office before the deadline. When mailing application documents from mainland China, EMS mailing service is highly recommended as to ensure timely and efficient delivery of your package.  (Postal address: Admissions Office of Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China 361005; Tel: +86 (0)592 2184792)  

Application Form for International Students, which should be completed in Chinese or English and then printed out after successful online application.  

Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (in Chinese or English, in duplicate).  

Highest degree certificate (notarized copy in English or Chinese, in duplicate). Applicants for master’s programs should submit their bachelor’s degree certificate; those for doctoral programs should present both their bachelor’s and master’s degree certificates. Applicants who are currently studying at university should provide a study certificate and their highest degree certificate. Certificate in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translation in Chinese or English.  

Note: Applicants who have provided a study certificate should submit a notarized copy of their final degree to XMU's Admissions Office before the specified registration date (Mid-September 2017); failure to do so will result in disqualification of enrollment.  

Academic transcripts. Applicants for master’s programs should submit their academic transcripts relating to bachelor’s studies; applicants for doctoral programs should submit their academic transcripts relating to bachelor’s and master’s studies. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by notarized translation in Chinese or English.

Study or research plan (minimum 1,000 words) in Chinese or English.   

Note: When applicants intend to apply for more than one program, study plans tailored to each program should be submitted all at once.

 Two Letters of Recommendation signed by professors or associate professors in Chinese or English 

A photocopy of Chinese (HSK) or English Proficiency Certificate or medium-of-instruction certificate.  

A photocopy of your valid passport.

Note: Among foreign citizens of Chinese origin, those who were residents of mainland China before their emigration should submit a scan copy of their Residence Cancellation Certificate and Certificate of Naturalization; those who were residents of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan should submit a photocopy of their old identification certificate.  

A photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (click to download), completed in Chinese or English. (The original is to be retained by the applicant.)  

A Statement of Financial Support (click to download) certifying that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover his or her tuition, accommodation and living expenses. It should be accompanied by an employment certificate or income certificate and a photocopy of the valid passport of the financial sponsor.

If applicants have published papers, the abstracts should be submitted on the application system and enclosed during submission of their hard-copy application documents.

Note: Applicants are expected to submit a complete set of application materials. Incomplete application materials will be rejected. No application materials will be returned, regardless of the outcome of the application.  

Applicants are expected to keep their phones open and check their email regularly as XMU's Admissions Office will contact them when necessary.  

9. Selection and notification  

Applicants will be given priority consideration if they graduate from world-renowned universities, sister universities or are recommended by senior professors or experts. Scholarship decisions will be made on the basis of the applicants' application documents, academic performance, overall merits, research achievements and supervisors' comments. The final list of nominees will be submitted to China Scholarship Council for final approval.  

The result will be published on the website of the Admissions Office ( in Mid-June 2017. Scholarship awardees will be notified via email and their Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (JW201) will be sent out as soon as possible.  

10. Contact information  

Address: Admissions Office of Xiamen University, Fujian Province, P.R. China 361005  

Tel: +86 (0)592 218 4792, 218 8375  Fax: +86 (0)592 218 0256  

Email:         Web: