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Undergraduate Programmes

Date: 2018-01-02 - Views:2034

Undergraduate Programmes on Offer for 2018 Entry 
College/School (Click to visit its website) Department Programme Field of Study Degree Awarded
College of Humanities Chinese Language Humanities (Pilot Class) Chinese Language & Literature  Bachelor of Arts
Theatrical & Cinematic Literature Bachelor of Arts
Chinese Bachelor of Arts
History History (Including World History) Bachelor of History
Archaeology Bachelor of History
Philosophy Philosophy Bachelor of Philosophy
Anthropology & Ethnology Anthropology Bachelor of Law
School of Journalism & Communication Journalism Journalism & Communication Journalism Bachelor of Arts 
Radio & Television Science
Advertising Advertising
Communication Communication
College of Foreign Languages & Cultures English Language & Literature English English Language Bachelor of Arts
Japanese Language & Literature Japanese Japanese Language
French Language & Literature French French Language 
European Languages & Literatures Russian Russian Language 
German German Language
Spanish Spanish Language
School of Law   Law Law Bachelor of Law
School of Public Affairs Political Science Public Administration Politics and Public Administration Bachelor of Law
Sociology Social Work Bachelor of Law
Sociology Bachelor of Law
Public Management Public Administration Bachelor of Management
School of International Relations International Relations Political Science International Politics Bachelor of Law
Overseas Chinese Affairs & Diplomacy Diplomacy
School of Economics Finance Economics Finance Bachelor of Economics
Financial Engineering
Public Finance Public Finance
International Economics & Trade International Economics & Trade Bachelor of Economics
International Business Bachelor of Management
Economics Economics Bachelor of Economics
Statistics Statistics Bachelor of Science
Economic Statistics Bachelor of Economics
School of Economics (English-medium Programs) Finance Finance Finance Bachelor of Economics
International Economics & Trade International Business International Business Bachelor of Management
Economics Economics Economics Bachelor of Economics
School of Management Accounting Accounting Accounting Bachelor of Management
Finance Financial Management
Enterprise Management Business Administration Human Resource Management
Business Administration
Marketing Science Marketing
Tourism & Hotel Management Tourism Management
Hotel Management
Management Science Management Science
Electronic Business
School of Mathematical Sciences Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Bachelor of Science
Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Statistics
Information and Computing Science Information and Computing Science
College of Physical Science and Technology Physics Physics Physics Bachelor of Science
Astronomy Astronomy Bachelor of Science
College of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Bachelor of Science
Energy Chemistry
Chemical Biology Chemical Biology
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Chemical Engineering & Techniques Chemical Engineering  & Techniques Bachelor of Engineering
College of Materials Materials Science and Engineering Materials Materials Science and Engineering Bachelor of Engineering
School of Life Sciences Biology Biological Science Biological Science Bachelor of Science
Biochemistry & Biotechnology Biotechnology
Agricultural Biotechnology    
Bio-medical Science  
College of Ocean & Earth Sciences Marine Chemistry & Geochemistry   Oceanography Marine Science Bachelor of Science
Physical Oceanography Marine Science
Marine Biological Science & Technology   Marine Technology
Marine Science
Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering Marine Technology
Geologcial Oceanography Marine Science
College of Environment and Ecology Environmental Science Environmental Science and Engineering Environmental Science Bachelor of Science
Ecology Ecology Bachelor of Science
Ecological Engineering for Environmental Sustainability Ecological Engineering for Environmental Sustainability Bachelor of Engineering
College of Energy   New Engergy Science and Engineering New Engergy Science and Engineering Bachelor of Engineering
School of Information Science & Technology Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science & Technology Bachelor of Engineering
Cyberspace Security Cyberspace Security
Intelligent Science & Technology Intelligent Science & Technology
Communication Engineering Communication Engineering
College of Electronic Science and Technology Electronic Engineering Electronic Information Electronic Information Engineering Bachelor of Engineering
Integrated Circuit Design & Integrated System
Electronic Science Electronic Information Science and Technology
Microelectronics Science and Engineering
School of Aerospace Engineering  Instrument and Electrical Engineering Aerospace Engineering Electrical Engineering and Automation Bachelor of Engineering
Measuring & Control Technology and Instrumentations
Mechatronic Engineering Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation
Power Engineering Flight Vehicle Power Engineering
Flight Vehicle Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering
Automation Automation
School of Software Software Engineering Software Engineering Software Engineering Bachelor of Engineering
Digital Media Engineering Digital Media Technology
School of Architecture & Civil Engineering Architecture Architecture  Architecture Bachelor of Architecture
Urban Planning  Urban and Rural Planning Bachelor of Engineering
Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineering
Project Management
Medical College Clinical Medicine Clinical Medicine  Clinical Medicine Bachelor of Medicine
Clinical Medicine (MBBS) (Six years) Clinical Medicine (MBBS) (Six years)      (Estimated quotas of 60)
Oral Medicine Oral Medicine Oral Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine  Traditional Chinese Medicine
Nursing Nursing Nursing Bachelor of Science
School of Public Health Preventive Medicine Public Health and Preventive Medicine Preventive Medicine Bachelor of Medicine
Medical Laboratory Tests and Analysis Technolgoy Bachelor of Science
School of Pharmaceutical Science Pharmaceutical Science Pharmaceutical Science Pharmacy(Drug Targets and Pharmacology) Bachelor of Science
Pharmacy (Medicinal Chemistry and Information Science)
Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Preparation and Engineering)
Overseas Education College Chinese Language Chinese Language Chinese for Economy and Trade Bachelor of Arts
Teaching of Chinese Language
Chinese Culture
Notes: 1. Undergraduate students will take general courses in the first and second years and decide on a specific field of study in the second and third years according to the Regulations on the Determination of a Specific Field of Study for Undergraduate Students at Xiamen University. 
2. Programmes marked with  have a duration of five years, and others except for the MBBS program are four years.