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Awardees of 2016 Chinese Government Marine Scholarship

Date: 2016-07-13 Views:2986

Awardees of 2016  Chinese Government Marine Scholarship
1. Registration will take place on Sept.10th, 2016.                   
2. Those who haven't submitted their highest degree certificate are required to send the scanned copy of their highest degree certificate and its notarized English translation to no later than September 1st, 2016. Those who fail to submit their highest degree certificate before the deadline will have their qualification of enrollment and scholarships withdrawn.  
No. Full Name Nationality  Category Program
1 RANI SEEMA Bangladesh Ph.D Marine Affairs
2 Khanittha Uthaipan  Thai Ph.D Marine Chemistry
3 Ali Kourosh Niya Iranian Ph.D Enrironmental Management
4 Thong Sokvongsa Cambodian Master's Marine Affairs
5 Tahtihal Enam Borno  Bangladesh Master's Marine Affairs