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Confucius Institute Scholarship Students Enrollment Instructions 2016

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Confucius Institute Scholarship Students Enrollment Instructions 2016

The following schools and colleges of Xiamen University are based on Xiang’an campus: the Overseas Education College,the School of Life Sciences, the Medical College, the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the School of Public Health,the College of Oceanography and Earth Sciences, the College of Environment and Ecology, the Coastal and OceanManagement Institute, and the College of Energy.All international students of the above schools and colleges and the freshmen of the School of AerospaceEngineering will reside on Xiang’an campus.


I.    Visa Application


Students are required to apply for an X1 or X2 visa for study in Chinaby presenting the original and a photocopy of their valid passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW201/JW202) and PhysicalExamination Record for Foreigners (if required)to the Chinese Embassy or a consulate-general in their home country.


Studentswith an X1 visa should proceed to the Exit and Entry Administration Department ofXiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau to apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days of arrival. Please note that the yellow page of their Visa Application Form isrequired for the Residence Permit application after arrival inChina. Pleasetake good care of it. Applications for visa alteration or visa extensionshould be filed under the guidance of the Overseas Student Affairs Office (OSAO)at Xiamen University (Tel: +86 (0)5922183606; Email: All fees payable should be borne by theapplicant. Fee rates set by the Entry and Exit Administration Department ofXiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau are applicable.


Note: Forforeign citizens of Chinese origin, only after being officially recognized bythe Exit and Entry Administration Bureau as foreign citizens can they matriculateatXiamenUniversity and apply forResidence Permit inChina.Please refer to the Instructions for Citizenship Certification for moreinformation.


II.   Health Check-up


The Physical Examination Recordfor Foreigners (including the original form and other medical reports suchas X-ray, electrocardiogram, blood test reports, etc.) is required for the Residence Permit application afterarrival inChina.Students who have taken a physical examination and obtained the Physical Examination Form in their homecountry should have their original forms and medical reports certified by theXiamen Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (certification fee:about RMB 60). Students who meet the health requirements will receive a HealthCertificate, with which they can apply for a Residence Permit.


Studentswho have not taken a physical examination before their arrival inChinashould proceed to the Xiamen Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau asarranged by the University to undergo a physical examination during the orientationweek. Students who meet the health requirements will be awarded a HealthCertificate (physical examination fee: about RMB 550). Please note that thefees quoted are for reference only and are subject to change without priornotice.


The Physical Examination Record for Foreigners canbe downloaded at Xiamen Entryand Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is located at 116 Dongdu Road, Xiamen(Tel: +86 (0)592 5675915).


III.   Arrival and Accommodation


Students may take a 40-minute taxi ride to Xiang’ancampus from XiamenGaoqiInternationalAirport.If you need airport pickup, please complete the AIRPORT PICKUP SERVICE CARD attachedand follow its instructions.


Residence halls on Xiang’an campus will be opened on September 10th and studentscan proceed to the check-in desk on Xiang’an campus (at the entrance to GuoGuang Bldgs. 3 and 4, Tel: +86-(0)592 218 6211) to complete move-in formalities. Students whoarrive before the designated registration date should make accommodationarrangements for themselves.


International students must register their accommodation after entryaccording toChina’s exit and entry administration laws: Students should register their accommodation atthe police station within 24 hours of arrival (at the Xindian police station ofXiang’an District, Tel: 0592-7085110). Please note that foreigners who fail toregister their accommodation within the given timeframe will be subject to apenalty, face restrictions on length of stay, or be disqualified from residinginChina.


IV. Registration



New students are required to completepre-registration at anytime between August 16th andAugust 31st, 2016. For inquiries,please contact +86-(0)592-218 3606 or (The user name is the 11-digit serial number printed in the upper right hand corner on the Chinese page of your admission notice.)


Please note thatpre-registration is mandatory. Late or no pre-registration may affect yourformal registration on campus.


    2. Registration Date: September 10th,2016 (8:00 -11:30; 14:30-17:30)


Registration Location: Students of theOverseas Education College (OEC) will register in front of the StudentDormitory II on Xiang’an campus.Registration with OEC will close at 17:00. Please follow the signs on campus.


The following materials are required uponregistration: a photocopy of your passport, the visa

page and the page with the entry stamp in your passport, and your AdmissionNotice; and a recent

passport-style photo.




1.    Registrationshould be completed within the timeframe specified in the Admission Notice. Ifyou are unable to register within the prescribed timeframe, you are required toseek permission from the OSAO by emailing to or faxingto +86 (0)592 2183663 at least five days before the registration date.Students who fail to register within the first two weeks of the new academicyear will be disqualified from enrolment.


2.    Internationalstudents should study inChinaon a valid passport relevant to their student status. Any student who providesfalse identity documents will be disqualified from enrolment.


3.  Those whohave been admitted to Bachelor’s or Master’s Program in Teaching Chinese toSpeakers of Other Languages are required to send a scanned copy of theirhighest degree certificate and its notarized English translation no later than September1st, 2016. Those who fail to submit the above-mentionedcertificate before the deadline will have their qualification of enrolment andscholarships withdrawn.



V.   Study Expenses


1. Full scholarshipwinners are exempt from tuition, accommodation fee on campus, and are

provided with monthly living allowance andcomprehensive medical insurance for foreign students

studying in China. The allowance criteria perperson are:

(1) BTCSOL, One-Academic-Year Study, One-SemesterStudy: RMB2,500 per month

(2) MTCSOL: RMB3,000 per month


2. Partialscholarship winners are exempt from tuition, accommodation fee on campus,and are

provided with comprehensive medical insurance forforeign students studying in China.


3. Miscellaneousexpenses: The student is responsible for medical expenses not covered by

insurances, the visa fees and all other non-exemptexpenses during his or her study.




1.    Students are advised to have about RMB 5,000 in cash to pay for accommodation,physical examination, insurance, transportation, food and so on.


2.    For greater convenience oncampus, upon the presentationof your student card, a “CampusDebit Card” will be issued to you, which can beused for purchases at the campussupermarkets and canteens and for medical services atXMUHospital. The e-card also serves as an access card to university facilities such as the library.


3.  Please takecare of your personal belongings. If you’re carrying a large sum of cash, it isadvisable to deposit it into the bank upon your arrival at the campus. Do notswim in any place other than the swimming pools on campus.


VI. Contact Information


1.  Admissions Office of Xiamen University (for the enrolment ofinternational students)

       Tel: +86 (0) 592 2184792 2188375                 Fax: +86 (0) 592 2180256

       Email:                     Website:

    Location: 3/F,JiagengBuilding3, Siming Campus,XiamenUniversity


2.  Overseas Students Affairs Office (OSAO) ofXiamenUniversity(for the registration and management of international students’ affairs)

       Tel: +86 (0) 592 2183606                              Fax:+86 (0) 592 2183663


    Location: Room 508,JiagengBuilding3, Siming Campus,XiamenUniversity


3.  Student Dormitory Administration Office (for the administration ofon-campus accommodation)

Tel: +86 (0) 592 2886252                    Email:


4.  Overseas Education College of Xiamen University (for the enrolment,management and teaching of Chinese language students)

       Tel: +86 (0) 5922186211                               Fax: +86 (0) 592 2093346

       Email:                               Website:

    Location: Main Building 2 (Kunluan Building), Xiang’an Campus, XiamenUniversity