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International Students Enrolment Instructions 2017(Siming Campus)

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Congratulations on your admission to XMU!

I.    Visa Application

Students should apply for an X1 or X2 visa for study in China by presenting the original and a photocopy of their valid passport, Admission Notice, Visa Application Form (JW201/JW202) and Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (if required) to the Chinese Embassy or a Chinese consulate-general in their home country.

Students with an X1 visa should proceed to the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Xiamen Public Security Bureau to apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days of arrival. Please note that the yellow page of your Visa Application Form is required for the Residence Permit application after your arrival in China. Applications for visa alteration or visa extension should be filed under the guidance of the Overseas Student Affairs Office (OSAO) at Xiamen University (Tel: +86 (0)592 2183606; Email: All fees payable should be borne by the applicant. Fee rates set by the Entry and Exit Administration Department of Xiamen Public Security Bureau are applicable.

Note: For foreign citizens of Chinese origin, only after being officially recognized by the Exit and Entry Administration Bureau as foreign citizens can they matriculate at Xiamen University and apply for a Residence Permit in China. Please refer to the Instructions for Citizenship Certification for more information:

II.   Health Check-up

The Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (including the original form and other medical reports such as X-ray, electrocardiogram, blood test reports, etc.) is required for the Residence Permit application after your arrival in China. Students who have taken a physical examination and obtained the Physical Examination Form in their home country should have their original forms and medical reports certified by Xiamen Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (certification fee: about RMB 60). Students who meet the health requirements will receive a Health Certificate, with which they can apply for a Residence Permit.

Students who have not taken a physical examination before arrival in Chinashould proceed to the Xiamen Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau as arranged by the University to undergo a physical examination during the orientation week. Students who meet the health requirements will be awarded a Health Certificate (physical examination fee: about RMB 550). Please note that the fees quoted are for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice.

The Physical Examination Record for Foreigners can be downloaded at Xiamen Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is located at 116 Dongdu Road, Xiamen (Tel: +86 (0)592 5675915).

III. College English Placement Test (for undergraduate students only)

College English is one of the most important foundation courses in the University’s curriculum. In order to satisfy the personalized needs of students in different categories and with different levels of English proficiency, the University Academic Affairs Office will administer an English Placement Test for new undergraduate students. Students are required to log into the University Foreign Language Testing and Training System ( and take the online test between 8:00 AM September 10th and 8:00 PM September 15th, 2017. For details, please refer to the attached Notice on Online English Placement Test (Please click the link to view) or call Ms. PENG Xin at +86 15259295331.

IV. Arrival and Accommodation

Students are required to book accommodation on the Siming campus through Xiamen University’s Online Accommodation Reservation System ( anytime from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM between August 15th and August 30th, 2017. Late applicants will be deemed to have relinquished their right to book on-campus accommodation. Applications for on-campus accommodation after the academic year has begun may be considered, subject to the availability of rooms. Please read the Instructions for the Use of Online Accommodation Reservation System (Please click the link to view) carefully for more detailed information. The Serial Number is the 11-digit serial number printed in the upper right corner on the Chinese page of your admission notice.

From Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, students can take a taxi to Xiamen University’s Siming campus. The ride takes about 20 minutes and costs about RMB 60 (about USD 9).

Students who have secured on-campus accommodation can check in on the second floor of Cai Qingjie Building (Tel: +86 (0)592 2180501; open 24 hours a day). Please refer to the Siming campus map for the location of the Cai Qingjie Building. Students to be accommodated on Siming campus can first check in atCaiQingjieBuildingif they arrive before the registration date, and then register at the designated place on the registration date. Students with an accommodation fee waiver should pay for their accommodation before the registration date if they have arrived early. Students who have failed to secure on-campus accommodation are expected to make arrangements for off-campus accommodation on their own before arrival.

International students must register their accommodation after arrival in China in accordance with the relevant regulations:

1.   Students who plan to live in hotels should complete accommodation registration according to hotel management regulations. Students who are to live in Nanguang Building 4, Nanguang Building 5 or Cai Qingjie Building should register at the Xiamen Siming District University Road Police Station: +86 (0)592 2510110) within 24 hours of arrival with their passports and Certificates of Accommodation provided by  the front desk of Cai Qingjie Building.

2.    Students who are to live in places other than hotels should complete accommodation registration at the nearest police station within 24 hours of arrival (Telephone number of relevant institutions: the Siming Branch of Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau: +86 (0)592 5302911; Xiamen Siming District University Road Police Station: +86 (0)592 2510110). Those who have failed to comply with the Accommodation Registration Regulations will be subject to a penalty, face restrictions on the length of stay, or be disqualified of residing in China by the Public Security Bureau in line with related laws and regulations.

V.   Registration Procedures


    1. Pre-registration:

New students are required to complete pre-registration at within the timeframe listed below. For inquiries, please contact +86 (0)592 2183606 or The username is the 11-digit serial number printed in the upper right corner on the Chinese page of your Admission Notice.

Please note that pre-registration is mandatory. Late or no pre-registration may affect your formal registration on campus.


   2. Registration Date & Location:

Student Category

Online Pre-registration Period

Registration Date

Registration Location

Postgraduate Students;  

Non-degree students enrolled at Colleges other than the OEC

August 21st – 28th

September 9th – 10th

08:00-12:00; 14:30-17:30

At the designated place of the respective schools/colleges on campus. (Detailed information will be posted at and please follow the signs on campus on the registration day.)

Undergraduate Students

September 12th – 26th

October 7th

08:00-12:00; 14:30-17:30

       Note:  OEC refers to the Overseas Education College of Xiamen University.

The following materials are required upon registration: a photocopy of your passport, the visa page and the page with the entry stamp in your passport, your Admission Notice, a recent passport-style photo and your highest degree certificate (original). Please note that highest degree certificates in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with Chinese or English translations.


1.    Registration should be completed within the timeframe specified in the Admission Notice. In case you are unable to register on time, you are required to file leave requests at and obtain approval from the School and the Departments concerned at least five days before the Registration Date. Students who fail to register within the first two weeks of a new semester will be disqualified for enrolment.

2.    Identification and Qualification Review: International students should study in China with a valid foreign passport and a visa of the type relevant to their student status. Any student who provides false identity documents will be disqualified from enrolment. According to regulations, the University will review admission qualifications within 3 months after the registration. Only those who pass the review will be officially registered. A valid personal passport and a certificate of highest educational attainment (original) are required for the review.

3.    Under Xiamen University’s regulations, students cannot complete their registration until they have paid all fees in full, including tuition, accommodation and insurance fees, within the prescribed timeframe. Tuition fees will not be refunded to students who withdraw from their study halfway through or are expelled for disciplinary reasons before the end of a semester. Students who resume their study or are enrolled during the semester are required to pay full fees for the entire semester.

4.    Students who choose to pay in cash should proceed to the Bank of China Xiamen University Sub-branch to pay their tuition with the Admission Notice and the payment notice given by their respective schools.

5.    Students who choose to pay by bank draft should submit their bank drafts and the payment notice given by their respective schools to the University’s Finance Office (4/F, Jiageng Building 3). The drafts will be cashed out with the bank designated by the Finance Office. (Students are responsible for bank charges.)

VI. Study Expenses

       1. Tuition fees per academic year in RMB

Category of programs

Liberal arts

Science & engineering, medicine, economics, management, law and arts, physical education

Bachelor’s programs



MBBS program (English-medium)


Master’s programs (Chinese-medium)



Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL)


Master’s programs (English-medium)



Master’s programs (Academic Degree) at School of Law, Intellectual Property Research Institute and South China Sea Institute


Doctoral programs



Doctoral programs (English-medium)



General Scholar programs



General Scholar programs (English-medium)



Senior Scholar programs



Senior Scholar programs (English-medium)



Overseas Education College

(Chinese Language programs)



Length of Undergraduate Programs: 4-5 years (MBBS program: 6 years).

Length of Master’s Programs: 3 years.

Length of Doctoral Programs: 4 years (only the first 3 years are charged).

Length of MTCSOL/ English-medium Master’s Programs: 2 years.

Length of Master’s programs (Academic Degree) at School of Law, Intellectual Property Research Institute and South China Sea Institute: 2 years.

       2. Accommodation

       Accommodation on Siming Campus

n  Holders of full scholarships or partial scholarships covering accommodation fee will be accommodated on Siming campus if their accommodation application is successful. Undergraduates are accommodated in four-person rooms. Master’s students live in double rooms in principle, but if double rooms are not available, four-person rooms will be allocated to master’s students. Doctoral students live in single rooms or double rooms. During students’ residence on campus, they should pay a security deposit of RMB 1,000. Students who arrive before the registration date should pay for their temporary accommodation. For more information, please contact Cai Qingjie Building at +86 (0)592 2180501.

n  Holders of partial scholarships excluding accommodation fee & self-supporting students:

After successful accommodation application, they should pay accommodation fees according to their room type. The daily rates are as follows (based on accommodation for more than a month): four-person rooms: around RMB 8-25 per bed; double rooms: around RMB 25-30 per bed; single rooms: around RMB 50 per bed. Please note that the fees quoted are for reference only and are subject to change without prior notice. Students should pay the accommodation fees for a minimum of six months all at a time.

       Accommodation off Siming Campus

Students who have not successfully booked on-campus accommodation should make arrangements for their off-campus accommodation before arrival. Living off campus provides greater opportunities for international students to interact with locals, learn about local traditions and culture, and improve their Chinese skills. A spacious and comfortable room off campus may be rented for about RMB 2,000 per month. International students may also consider renting an apartment with other students. (For rental information around Siming campus, see

3. Cost of course materials: Students are expected to purchase course materials as required. On average, this amounts to RMB 400-700 per academic year.

4. Food expenses: Students can dine in XMU’s student canteens. Food cost is estimated at RMB 600-800 a month.

5. Student insurance: RMB 600 per student per year. In accordance with the Chinese Ministry of Education’s regulations, international students whose length of study exceeds six months are required to take part in a group insurance scheme offered by the Ping’an Insurance Company ofChinaor other insurance companies when they register. It covers any expenses incurred by hospitalization and personal injuries. International students should pay insurance fees upon registration; otherwise, they will not be allowed to complete the registration, extend their visa or change the type of their visas. (Recipients of Xiamen University Scholarships and Fujian Provincial Government Scholarships who fail to take part in the insurance scheme will forfeit their scholarships.)

6. Miscellaneous expenses: The student is responsible for medical expenses not covered by insurances, the visa fees and all other non-exempt expenses during his or her study.

VII. Campus Life

1. E-card

As a convenience on campus, a “Campus Debit Card” will be issued to you, which can be used for purchases in the campus supermarkets and canteens and for medical services at XMU Hospital. The e-card also serves as an access card to university facilities such as the library.

2. Other services

China Construction Bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank ofChina, the Bank of China, and the Post Office all have outlets on campus. A number of ATMs can also be found on campus. The ticket office in Jianwen Bldg. on Siming campus offers regular train, high-speed train, and airplane tickets.


1. Students are advised to have about RMB 5,000 in cash to pay for accommodation, physical examination, insurance, transportation, food and so on.

2. Please take care of your personal belongings. If you’re carrying a large sum of cash, it is advisable to deposit it into the bank immediately after your arrival on campus. Do not swim in any place other than the swimming pools on campus.

VIII. Contact Information

n  Admissions Office of Xiamen University (for the enrolment of international students)

Tel: +86 (0) 592 2184792 / 2188375    Fax: +86 (0) 592 2180256

Email:         Website:

Location: 3/F,JiagengBuilding3, Siming Campus,XiamenUniversity

n  Overseas Students Affairs Office (OSAO) of Xiamen University (for the registration and management of international students’ affairs)

Tel: +86 (0) 592 2183606                    Fax: +86 (0) 592 2183663


Location: Room 508,JiagengBuilding3, Siming Campus,XiamenUniversity

n  Student Dormitory Administration Office (for the administration of on-campus accommodation)

Tel: +86 (0) 592 2182381                 Email: