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Awardees of 2017 Chinese Government Marine Scholarship

Date: 2017-07-04 Views:6303

Congratulations! Those who haven't submitted their highest degree certificate are required to send the scanned copy of their highest degree certificate and its notarized English translation to no later than September 1st, 2017. Those who fail to submit their highest degree certificate before the deadline will have their qualification of enrollment and scholarships withdrawn. 
No. Name Nationality  Category Academic Program Tracking Number
1 Faisal Hamzah Indonesian Doctoral Marine Chemistry 1018231679224
2 Rabia Zeb Pakistani Doctoral Marine Biotechnology EA252596725CN
3 Aklima Nargis Bengalese Doctoral Marine Affairs EA252596685CN
4 Mohammad Mazbah Uddin Bengalese Doctoral Ecology EA252596805CN
5 YOUSSEF SABBONE Moroccan Doctoral Law of the Sea EA252596703CN
6 Than Monomoyith Cambodian Master's Marine Affairs EA252596748CN
7 Apitida Wasuwatcharapong Thai Master's Marine Affairs EA252596734CN
8 Lusita Meilana Indonesian Doctoral Marine Affairs EA252596663CN
9 NASSOR RASHID MAALIM Tanzanian Master's Marine Affairs CT287078103CN
10 Fitriyah Anggraeni Indonesian Doctoral Environmental Management EA252596853CN
The Admission Package has been sent out via EMS on August 14. For tracking service, please refer to, Customer Service Hotline: +86 (0)10 11183.