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Awardees of the 2017 Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship (New Students)

Date: 2017-12-11 Views:2545

Awardees of the 2017 Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship (New Students)
No. Full Name Nationality Category Major
1 Amy Huang American Undergraduate Journalism & Communication
2 Amam Hossain Bagdadee Bengalese PHD  Electronics Science and Technology
3 Asif Newaz Chowdhury Bengalese Master International Law
4 Luana Chen Brazilian Undergraduate Electronic information
5 Spencer Myles Belsey Canadian Undergraduate Chinese
6 Leonardo Bermudez Chingate Colombian Master International Relations
7 Angelie Young Lim Filipino Master MTCSOL
8 Felix Mensah Tiah Ghanaian Master Finance
9 Regina Esi Turkson Ghanaian PHD Computer Science and Technology
10 Apoorva Srivastava Indian Master International Relations
11 Chandra Kusalo Hadinata Indonesian Master Communication
12 Jovita Jiang Indonesian Master Educational Economy and Management
13 Andika Susilo Indonesian Master World Economy
14 Gacho Yusuke Japanese Undergraduate Economics
15 Yamauchi Haruki Japanese Undergraduate Economics
16 Kim Min Seong Korean Undergraduate Software Engineering
17 Kim Wonjun Korean Undergraduate Journalism & Communication
18 Tsogzolmaa Sunduijav Mongolian Master Civil Law and Commercial Law
19 Ulziichimeg Ganbat Mongolian PHD Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
20 Abdurrahman Omer Cavdar Turkish Master Internal Medicine
21 Viktoriia Galunova Ukrainian PHD Foreign Philosophy
Note: Registration should be completed within the timeframe specified in the Admission Notice. New students who fail to register within the first two weeks of the fall semester of 2017 academic year will be disqualified for enrolment and scholarship.