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Student Experience

1. Helena Puig Ferrer from Spain, Master of Economics in International Trade

My two-year stay in Xiamen has been, overall, a wonderful experience.

Firstly, Xiamen University is one of the most renowned universities in China. The international master’s program in WISE-SOE enabled me to go in depth into the field of Economics and International Trade, by studying a wide range of different subjects. Although it was tough and we were required to do a lot of work, the help of classmates, friends and professors was invaluable in this challenging learning process.

Secondly, by studying at WISE-SOE I had the opportunity to learn and share experiences with classmates from all over the world as well as the chance to mingle with Chinese students.

Finally but not least, Xiamen is a great city with a lot to offer. On one hand, it is a very peaceful city, surrounded by beautiful scenery, with many parks, lakes, hills and neighbouring islands. On the other hand, there are many activities to join; for example, sports clubs, music concerts, etc. So if you want to pursue your master’s degree in Economics in a great university with a superb environment, Xiamen University is clearly the place to be!


2. Evstifeeva Elizaveta from Russia, Master of Law in Civil and Commercial Law

Two years spent at Xiamen University were one of the most wonderful periods of my life! City itself and nature surrounded the university help you to feel like at home from the moment when you go out from the airport. I am glad that I had opportunity to study there. Master program in Chinese law taught in English gives many advantages: students are able to learn not only Chinese legislation but also through interaction with classmates the legal system of other countries. Moreover, students are welcome to participate in international winter and summer schools where they can meet legal professional from all over the world and attend lectures on modern legal problems.


3. Marsela Musabelliu from Albania, PhD candidate of World Economy

Since the very beginning, I felt that my stay in Xiamen University would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While attending the impressive classes and widening my academic knowledge of International Relations, I also had the chance to appreciate and become fascinated with the Chinese culture and lifestyle. I have always been curious and interested in ancient and modern Chinese history. During my stay in Xiamen University, I had the amazing chance of experiencing the China of today, with its welcoming and friendly people, the picturesque city of Xiamen, the delicious Fujian food, and the astonishing cultural heritage. But above all, what I cherish the most is the knowledge given to me from my Chinese professors in the School of International Relations! Throughout my classes, I had the chance to realize and study the International Relations discipline in a very logical, analytical, and refreshing perspective.


4. Salvienty Makarim from Indonesia, PhD candidate of Physical Oceanography

I am a PhD student at the Joint Research Center for Ocean-Remote Sensing, Xiamen University - Delaware University –USA, the College of the Ocean and Earth Sciences. I work as a government researcher at the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, and I have come to Xiamen University through a PhD scholarship under the China Marine Government Scholarship.

My life in Xiang’an and Xiamen are so colourful. Despite their physical distance, Xiang’an and downtown Xiamen are highly connected and easily commutable, and with the addition of the new submerged tunnel efficiently connecting the two places I can always be prepared for a visit to downtown Xiamen. I play tennis weekly with my friends, and I have recently joined the Taiji Quan club on the Xiang’an campus. On the weekends I like visiting downtown Xiamen for food tasting excursions, sightseeing, and of course shopping.


5. Tronike Meladze from Georgia, Master of Business Administration

In Xiada my major is MBA in Chinese. Xiamen’s student life, as I see is really interesting, giving to me more knowledge about Chinese people’s thoughts, Chinese business, their behaviour in business, etc. that gives me a huge opportunity to know about China more than I do know. Of course I share my Georgian and not only Georgian experiences to my fellow schoolmates. We discuss many different themes of business, life or other.

The lecturers are very smart and interesting people. They explain their subjects very well. Sometimes I want to sit with them and discuss so many thinks about what they are explaining to us, but I understand how busy they are, how many students they have and if all of us want to speak with them face to face I think it will last several months (smile). I would advise my colleagues to attend all the lectures we have and not to be lazy getting so important knowledge about so many life important things.


6. Mateusz Pawel Gajewski from Poland, Master of Management in Accounting

At the Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies of Xiamen University, I am very pleased with the quality of teaching and the progress I am making. During the first semester at Xiamen University, I found the course’s content quite overwhelming. However, thanks to the support of all the professors. The additional time they spent on explaining the course’s content and the extra courses offered, all helped me to strengthen the background knowledge, manage my study balance and become positive about my further study experience here. I believe that the first semester is always a challenge for both the students and the professors, since students need to adjust into different teaching methods and new learning environment. I really enjoy living on campus where I am able to meet people from around the world and share with them my travel experiences, listen to their stories and learn more about their cultures. I also enjoy the city landscape, which I find very beautiful and relaxing. Palms, beaches, temples and most importantly lots of sunshine, make Xiamen and Xiamen University a perfect place to live and study in.