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Awardees of 2018 Chinese Government Marine Scholarship

Date: 2018-08-08 Views:1388

Awardees of 2018 Chinese Government Marine Scholarship
Congratulations! Those who haven't submitted their highest   degree certificate are required to send a scanned copy of their highest   degree certificate and its notarized English translation to no later than September 1st, 2018. Those who fail to submit their highest degree certificate before the deadline will have their qualification of enrollment and  scholarships withdrawn. 
No.NameNationality CategoryAcademic Program
1PANTIP SAWANGWONGThaiDoctoralMarine   Biology
2FEBRINA WULANDARI SAGALAIndonesianDoctoralEcology
3A B M SADIQUE RAYHANBangladeshiDoctoralMarine   Affairs
4MARUFIndonesianDoctoralLaw   of the Sea
5SABRINA HASANBangladeshiDoctoralLaw   of the Sea
6QURRATU AININIndonesianMaster'sMarine   Affairs
7OKOLI MOSES UGOCHUKWUNigerianMaster'sMarine   Affairs
9ASOGWA TOCHUKWU EMMANUELNigerianMaster'sMarine   Affairs
10GODFRED SOWAH KHARTEYGhanaianDoctoralLaw   of the Sea
11NIHED BENANIAlgerian Master'sMarine   Affairs
12GRACE AFUMWAA BOAMAHGhanaianDoctoralMarine   Biology
13ISTIAQ AHMAD CHOWDHURYBangladeshiDoctoralMarine   Biology