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Awardees of 2019 Xiamen Tan Kah Kee Scholarships

Date: 2019-06-28 Views:13


1. Students in the waitlist need to first complete registration as a self-supporting new student, purchase medical insurance and pay all the fees required for study by themselves within the stipulated time. After the first two weeks of a new semester, if any undergraduate in the shortlist gives up enrollment, students in the waitlist can fill those vacancies in order and receive full scholarships. The University will then return the relevant fees that were originally paid by the recipients in accordance with the scholarships’ content. If all undergraduates in the shortlist register on time, students in the waitlist need to cover all the expenses for study by themselves throughout the entire program as a self-supporting student.

2. Admission materials, including the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (JW202), will be sent out in late July. Students are expected to keep their phones on and check their email regularly for the latest information. 

3. Those who haven't submitted their highest degree certificate when applying are required to send the scanned copy of their highest degree certificate in color to (Subject of the email: Application No.+Full Name+Highest Degree Certificate) by September 1st, 2019. The degree certificate should bear the stamp of the University/High School graduated from. Certificates in languages other than Chinese or English must be accompanied by the original copy and its notarized translation in Chinese or English. Those who fail to submit the documents required before the deadline will have their qualification of enrollment and scholarships withdrawn.