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Awardees of 2020 Sino-U.S. Cultural Exchange Degree-study Scholarship

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Chinese-English Translation   (Professional Degree)


  1. All documents for new incoming students, such as the Admission Notices and International Student Visa Application Forms, will be mailed out by mid or late August. As per official announcements from the University, new international students are scheduled to check-in on campus on October 8, 2020. Concerning specific scheduling and arrangements for incoming students, more information will be provided in upcoming announcements. If any unforeseen issues arise, the University may adjust the dates mentioned above accordingly. All students should make sure that they are reachable by phone and should regularly check their emails for the most up-to-date information and notifications from XMU.

  2. New international students are required to mail out the required documents. These documents should include copies and translations of all academic certificates of high school or above. They should be notarized by your country’s Chinese embassy or consulate, OR your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OR your country’s embassy or consulate in China. Please send these to:

    Admissions Office, Xiamen University

    Room 306, Song’en Building,

    422 South Siming Road,



    People’s Republic of China

    Phone: +86-592-2184792

    The document package should arrive at XMU before September 20, 2020. Students located in China should use the EMS service provided by China Post, while those located outside China should choose an appropriate mailing method provided by their local mail service. These notarized documents will be retained as part of your student file and will not be returned.

  3. Please scan all the required notarized documents and combine them into a single colorized PDF file. Send this PDF file to before September 10, 2020. (The subject of this email should use the following format: Application No. + your name as it appears on your passport + nationality + notarized academic certificates)

  4. When checking in on campus, you should bring the original copies of your academic certificates to be inspected.

  5. If you fail to provide the paper or digital copies of the required documents before the stated deadline, XMU will not allow you to register and your eligibility for all scholarships will be nullified.