Study Costs

Study costs at Xiamen University are relatively low compared with most of the other major universities in China and beyond. A good variety of scholarships are available to international students, including Chinese Government Scholarships, Confucius Institute Headquarter/Hanban Scholarships, Fujian Provincial Government Scholarships, Xiamen Tan Kah Kee Scholarships and Xiamen University Scholarships. Full scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, living allowance and insurance costs, while partial scholarships cover one or several items under full scholarships.

Detailed information is available in the “Scholarships” section at

I. Application Fee: RMB 400 for long-term students (payable upon online application).

II. Tuition Fee in RMB per academic year:

Program Category Teaching Language Length of Program Discipline Category
Liberal Arts Science,   Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Management,   Law and Arts
Bachelor's Program Common Program Chinese 4 to 5 years 24,000 26,000
BA in Chinese Language Chinese 2 to 4 years 26,000
MBBS English 6 years
Master's   Program Common Program Chinese 3 years 26,000 30,000
International Program English 2 years 39,000 45,000
MTCSOL Chinese 2 years 30,000
Doctoral Program Common Program Chinese 4 years 30,000 34,000
International Program English 4 years 42,000 55,000
Visiting Program General Scholar Chinese 6 months to 1 years 24,000 26,000
English 6 months to 1 years 32,000 34,000
Senior Scholar Chinese 6 months to 1 years 26,000 30,000
English 6 months to 1 years 39,000 45,000
Chinese Language Program Chinese 6 months to 2 years 26,000


1. Doctoral students will have the tuition waiver during the 4th academic year.

2. Tuition fees are subject to change upon approval by price regulators.

III. Cost of Course Materials: RMB 400-700 per academic year.

IV. Cost of Meals: RMB 1,000-1,500 per month.

V. Student Insurance: RMB 800 per year.

VI. Accommodation Fee (utility charges not included)

1.The international student apartments on the Siming campus offer 2-person rooms, with daily accommodation fees per bed ranging from RMB 30 to RMB 70. Students on the Xiang’an campus will be accommodated in suites, each of which comprises 4 double-rooms. The accommodation fee is RMB 1600-4000 per academic year. Please refer to the updated notice of the year for the specific accommodation fees.

International students accommodating on campus are required to pay the water and electricity fees in accordance with the University’s regulations. Details related to the charging ways and standards, please refer to the Enrollment Instruction for the New Students.

Phone numbers for enquiries about on-campus accommodation for international students:

① Siming Campus: +86 (0)592 2180501

② Xiang’an Campus: +86 (0)592 2886252

2. Due to the limited availability of dormitories on the Siming campus, priority will be given to students who are recipients of full scholarships or scholarships that cover on-campus accommodation on the Siming Campus.

3. Recipients of Chinese Government Scholarships or Confucius Institute Scholarships that cover on-campus accommodation fee, if they give up free on-campus accommodation and choose to live off campus, can apply for accommodation subsidy. Please refer to the updated notice of the year. For enquiries, please contact XMU’s Overseas Students Affairs Office on +86 (0)592 2183606 or at

4. Off-Siming campus accommodation:

Students who fail to secure on-campus accommodation are expected to arrange for their off-campus accommodation on their own before their arrival. The monthly rental of apartments near the Siming campus is around RMB 2,500 per room.

Notes: On-campus accommodation fees are subject to change upon approval by price regulators.