Local customs
  • Nanyin: Nanyin is also called Southern Opera and Southern Music which is honored as the living fossil of music culture.

  • Bobing (Mooncake Dice Game):: Bobing (Mooncake Dice Game, a game in which six dice are thrown into a bowl and the different combinations of numbers result in different scores and prizes) is a unique festive activity in Xiamen during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

  • Xiang'an Paixiong (Chest-slapping) Dance:: The Paixiong dance is performed by shirtless and barefoot men wearing grass wreaths on their heads. The main dance movements involve squatting while using hands to slap the chest, ribs, legs and palms in turn, and heads nodding away contentedly.

  • Gaojia Opera:: Dominated by Quanzhou-style chord, its melody absorbs the best of many other music forms and techniques in South Fujian, including band music, wind and percussion music, and adapterization. Its music is a fusion of the highbrow Nanyin (Southern Music) and the more coarse popular tunes, being clear and sweet while strong and robust at the same time.

  • Gezai Opera:: Gezai Opera is a type of Han Chinese opera originated from South Fujian that is performed in the local Hokkien dialect.Based on the local Gezai (ballads) that spread around South Fujian, it combines elements of Liyuan Opera (South Fujian), Beiguan Opera (Taiwan and South Fujian), Gaojia Opera (South Fujian), Peking Opera (Beijing), and Min Opera (Middle, East and North Fujian).

  • Kungfu Tea:: 'A cup of tea in the early morning is better than eating fish and prawn'. If you know how important the seafood is to people in Xiamen, then you will know the significance of the tea. Xiamen is one of the places of origin of Kungfu tea and has thick atmosphere of tea culture..

  • Puppet Show:: It is also called glove puppetry which flourished in Ming Dynasty and become an important type of show of puppetry in Qing Dynasty. The performers use their hands to control the state of the puppet and display the exquisite model of the puppet in their hands, thus it is called 'show in hands'.

  • Dazuigu: Dazuigu is a kind of comic talking and singing art popular in Xiamen and Southern Fujian.

  • Tambourine Playing: Tambourine playing is also called playing tambourine and tambourine tactic which is a kind of traditional folk entertainment with thick local features in Tong'an,Xiamen.

  • Songjiang Battle Array: Songjiang battle array is a kind of folk martial art group performance which integrates southern Shaolin martial art, dance and acrobatics.

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