Welcome to Xiamen University

Dear Students,


Thanks to your diligence, hard work and positive mindsets, you have successfully completed your basic education. In doing so, you have passed a truly momentous milestone in your young lives, and now you will soon begin even more incredible journeys at university. You are still in the full splendor of your youths and will soon blossom into even more wonderful and brilliant people. For all of this, I offer you my sincerest congratulations.

Everyone has a dream in their heart, and Xiamen University is an excellent way to open doors and make that dream a reality. Vast oceans, towering peaks, tranquil Furong Lake, flame-red phoenix flowers, and those red bricks and green tiles, each boasting a century’s worth of history – all of these things will soon envelop you in a warm embrace, look over you, give you strength, and enable you to leave behind a record of your youth and realize each and every magnificent dream, all here at the university renowned as the Pride of the South.

Xiamen University (XMU) was founded in 1921 by the well-known and patriotic overseas Chinese leader Tan Kah Kee, making it the first Chinese university in modern history founded by a Chinese expatriate. Upon its inception, XMU established a goal to become “a global university” and defined its purpose as “researching advanced knowledge, nurturing first-class professional talent, and promoting global culture”. Additionally, XMU put into practice a student development strategy to “improve the future of mankind the world over”. Starting something from nothing is never an easy process, but time waits for no one. Through a century of challenges and progress, XMU has finally begun to establish itself as an internationally recognized university for advanced research, and it is taking great strides to fully implement its “double world-class” strategy and enter a new era as a prominent “double world-class” institute of higher education.

This seat of learning, nestled snugly in a garden on the sea, draws the brightest minds in academia. Many scholastic visionaries have taught here over the years, including Lu Xun, Lin Yutang, Fu Ying, Pen-Tung Sah, and Wang Ya’nan, and over 60 academicians of either the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering have studied or worked here. At this new starting point in history, XMU serves as a gathering place for the best and brightest, where our students continue to develop themselves through virtue. Through a first-class model of professional development, we have built a fully comprehensive and entirely inclusive educational structure, one that consistently produces graduates of tremendous ability and potential. Top educators and researchers from around the world gather here, pushing the boundaries of science, and repeatedly introducing innovations at the cutting edge of global advancement. Generation after generation of XMU alumni, like flame-red phoenix flowers, blossom on the journey toward realizing China’s great dream of national revitalization, singing the praises of the Pride of the South across the nation and in every corner of the world.

Facing toward the sea and moving toward the global stage – this is XMU’s glorious tradition. On the road toward implementing international-level administrative practices, XMU has established close collaborative relationships with numerous world-renowned universities. It is also the first Chinese university to open a foreign campus. In July of 2014, Xiamen University Malaysia broke ground in Kuala Lumpur, and just six years later, it already has an enrollment of nearly 5,600 students, hailed as one of jewels of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

“Our pursuit of knowledge is unending; our compassion knows no bounds”. In the past hundred years, XMU’s institutional anthem has resounded out over the western coast of the Taiwan Strait, echoing as years pass and times change. XMU’s motto “Pursue Excellence and Strive for Perfection”, and its four tenets of patriotism, revolution, self-development and science, as well as the sentiments of boundless compassion, graciousness and service, have all mixed together to form a culture that can be seen within the lives of everyone connected to XMU. Amid the wind and waves of history, a well-spring of vitality pours forth. We embark on this new journey to establish a distinctive world-class Chinese university, and in doing so, we hope to further promote both of the “centenary dreams” and thereby help make them a reality.

Dear students, in the pursuit of excellence, the sky is the limit. XMU is committed to helping students develop and hone the knowledge and skills necessary to catalyze contributions of significance to humanity. And I’m looking forward to welcoming you to XMU!

Xiamen University