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Scholarship Information
Scholarship ProgramTarget GroupSupporting CategoryApplication PeriodHandling Agent
Chinese Government ScholarshipsBilateral ProgramAll applicantsBachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, Long-term Visiting ProgramsJan. to Apr.Education Office of Chinese Embassy
MOFCOM ScholarshipApplicants from developing countriesEnglish-medium Master's ProgramsJan. to MayECCO of Chinese Embassy
ASEAN-China Young Leaders Scholarship (ACYLS)ASEAN applicantsEnglish-medium Master's, Doctoral ProgramsJan. to Apr.ACYLS National Focal Points
Chinese University ProgramAll applicantsBachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Programs

Dec. 1, 2022
to Mar. 31, 2023

XMU's Admissions Office
Marine ScholarshipApplicants from countries bordering South China Sea, PacificOcean, Indian Ocean, or developing African, American countriesMaster's, Doctoral Programs related to Oceanography
the Center for Language Education And Cooperation (CLEC) ScholarshipsChina Studies Program (CSP) Ph.D. FellowshipsAll applicantsDoctoral, Joint Research Doctoral Programs

To be published

Confucius Institute Headquarters

International Chinese Language Teachers ScholarshipAll applicantsMTCSOL, Long-term Chinese Language ProgramsTo be published
Fujian Provincial Government ScholarshipAll applicantsBachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Programs

Dec. 1, 2022

to Mar. 31, 2023

XMU's Admissions Office
Xiamen Tan Kah Kee ScholarshipChinese descendant from Southeast Asia along the Maritime Silk RoadChinese-medium Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Programs
Xiamen University ScholarshipsAll applicantsBachelor's, Master's, Doctoral Programs
Xiamen University Sustainable Coastal Development ScholarshipASEAN applicantsMaster's, Doctoral Programs related to OceanographySustainable Coastal Development Program