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Awardees of 2021 Xiamen Tan Kah Kee Scholarships
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1. Before the autumn semester begins, if any undergraduate in the shortlist gives up enrollment, students in the waitlist can fill those vacancies in order and receive Tan Kah Kee scholarships. If all undergraduates in the shortlist register on time, students in the waitlist can still register a self-supporting new student.

2. Registration dates: Sept. 9 (undergraduate students and language students), Sept. 10 (postgraduate students).   

3.For detailed registration procedures, please refer to the Enrolment Instructions to be issued later and pay close attention to the latest information on the XMU New Student Registration System.

XMU New Student Registration System
Tel: 0086-592-2183606
Email: welcome@xmu.edu.cn
Web: http://welcome.xmu.edu.cn