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Awardees of 2018 Tan Kah Kee Scholarships,Xiamen University
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Awardees of 2018 Tan Kah Kee Scholarships,Xiamen University
According to the final review of the Xiamen Tan Kah Kee   Education Foundation, the namelist of awardees of 2018 Tan Kah Kee   Scholarships has been announced. Congratulations! Those who haven't submitted   their high school/highest degree certificate are required to send the scanned   copy of their high school/highest degree certificate and its notarized   English translation to postgraduate@xmu.edu.cn no later than September 1,   2018. Those who fail to submit  their   high school/highest degree certificate before the deadline will have their   qualification of enrollment and scholarships withdrawn.  
No.Passport   NameCategory Nationality Major
1MAYJIRAT   PHUETPHISUTPh.D ThaiLinguistics   and Applied Linguistics
2THOU   PHANITHMaster CambodianObstetrics   and Gynecology(professional degree)
3RATHA   MUNMaster CambodianInternal   Medicine(professional degree)
4YENNIFER   CUANGDAMaster IndonesianCommunication
6Richard   Mahadi LimangMaster IndonesianMTCSOL
7Wendelyn   LeoMaster IndonesianJournalism
8RUDYMaster IndonesianLinguistics   and Applied Linguistics
9WilliamMaster IndonesianLinguistics   and Applied Linguistics
10Evelyn   Ong Yih YuanMaster MalaysianInternational   Trade
11TAN   LI HONGMaster MalaysianArchaeology
12yeu   choi kengMaster MalaysianChinese   and Foreign Political Institution
13Lim   Siong ChouMaster MalaysianReligious   Studies
14Hennessy   Lim DingMaster PhilippineseMTCSOL
15ANFERNEE   JOAN NG Master PhilippineseSoftware   Engineering(professional degree)
16Jermayne   Raniel Tan LoMaster PhilippineseDrama   and Film
18Saephung   SumaliMaster ThaiMTCSOL
19Wassana   TangsatianrapabMaster ThaiLinguistics   and Applied Linguistics
20SIM   SIV KIMUndergraduate CambodianEconomics
21BOB   RICHARD SALIMUndergraduate IndonesianChinese   Language
22JOHANNA   JAPRIUndergraduate IndonesianChinese   Language
23Veronica   SienartaUndergraduate IndonesianChinese   Language
24imelda   rivena halimUndergraduate IndonesianChinese   Language
25Budi   GunawanUndergraduate IndonesianNew   Energy Science and Engineering
26ANOUVONG   NORASINGHUndergraduate LaoChinese   Language
27KEOPASEUTH   VITHAYA Undergraduate LaoEconomics
28CHOUNGCHANDY   XAYSANAUndergraduate LaoClinical   Medicine
29Ng   Yee Qian JessUndergraduate MalaysianGerman
30YAP   BEE TINGUndergraduate MalaysianBusiness   Administration
31Wong   Kar YeeUndergraduate MalaysianBusiness   Administration
32Lee   Yong JyeUndergraduate MalaysianAccounting 
33Tan   ZHi HangUndergraduate MalaysianComupter   Science
34TEE   JIA MINUndergraduate MalaysianArchitecture
35TAN   MUH LANUndergraduate MalaysianEconomics
36Tai   Xin YiUndergraduate MalaysianEconomics
37chan   hoi venUndergraduate MalaysianJournalism   and Communication
38Wang   Xin YingUndergraduate MalaysianPharmacy
39CHUAH   CHU YINUndergraduate MalaysianTraditional   Chinese Medicine
40Nithi   ThongpeeUndergraduate ThaiChinese   Language
41Kansuda   PasudeeUndergraduate ThaiChinese   Language
42PANIDA   PANARONGUndergraduate ThaiChinese   Language
43SUPACHOK   KONGROIYUUndergraduate ThaiChinese   Language
44SORACHA   VACHIRAPRAKARNSKUL Undergraduate ThaiClinical   Medicine
45Sorasak   PhaengkoteUndergraduate ThaiClinical   Medicine
46MR.KITTICHAI   BOONSIRIPATTANACHAROENUndergraduate ThaiClinical   Medicine
47DUONG   VAN QUYUndergraduate VietnameseElectronic   information
48HA   THI HONG NHUNGUndergraduate VietnameseChinese   Language
49TRAN   THANH HUYEN Undergraduate VietnameseJournalism   and Communication