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WISE & SOE International Graduate Students' Field Trip to Quan Zhou
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As is the tradition at the Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE) and the School of Economics (SOE) of Xiamen University, an autumn school tour was arranged for students in the WISE-SOE international master's program. On November 2nd 2018, 44 international graduate students of WISE & SOE embarked on a trip to visit the pearls of Quanzhou! Although departing early from the university at 8 am, all students were bright eyed and bushy tailed and excited to be having a trip together. Not even the wet weather could dampen spirits as much singing and karaoke was enjoyed by all on the bus together. 

The first stop of the morning was the Taiwan Kinship Museum. This is a national museum that explains the relationship between mainland China, Fujian Province and Taiwan. Next, students visited the Museum of Overseas Traffic History. Here the guide taught them about the history of Quanzhou port in the middle ages and ancient Chinese marine culture. The museum featured many interesting and important cultural relics such as religious stone carvings, Song dynasty sea ships, etc.


It was then time for lunch and everyone took a well-earned rest to eat, chat, and enjoy some traditional Chinese food together.

The last stops on the tour was Kaiyuan temple and Xun Pu village. Kaiyun temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Fujian province. It is an important cultural relic and historic site along the southeastern coast of China. It was founded in the early Tang dynasty. The beauty of Kaiyun temple was admired by everyone, and students enjoyed walking around and taking in the beautiful sites such as the east and west tower pagodas. Xun Pu village is a famous fishing village and historical and cultural spot in Quanzhou. Traditional Xun Pu homes are made of oyster shells, and we got to walk in and around these historical homes! Moreover, there was even the opportunity to engage with the local people, while some even tried to learn some phrases in Minnan dialect!

Concluding the tour of these interesting museums, traditional buildings and cultural relics, students all left more enlightened about this fascinating area of China and its history.


Editor: Sophie Rogan, Master's student at School of Economics, Xiamen University

Source: http://wise.xmu.edu.cn/english/news/2018-11-05-17717.html