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A Song of Friendship and Dream-Celebration Bade Farewell to Class of 2018 at IFAS
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Delonix flame trees are blooming again, brightly and exquisitely. Along with it is the graduation. In late May 2018, the season full of farewell and sentiment, IFAS Graduate Student Association organized a series of celebration events, to make graduating students’ final days in IFAS cherished memories.

IFAS Graduating Students Exchange Symposium was held on May 20, 2018 at Jiageng 2 Building, 408 room. Five Chinese graduating students and four international graduating students of 2018 class as well as all the first-year graduates attended the Exchange Symposium. The Q&A was basically about the preparations for thesis and job application, personal experiences of internship, the view on financial business and some suggestions for non-graduating students.


Shen Yinghao, one of the graduating students, talked about her experience and what she had learned from her internship in security companies and investment banks. She said, working required the ability of observation and analysis, one should proactively learn about all the aspects of the job. She also gave her suggestions to first-year students, that their competence and capability can only be enhanced by asking and accumulating more in working, being observant and thorough instead of myopic.

The other four Chinese graduating students, Ren Rui, Chen Xinyi, and Ge Xia, also shared their precious experiences, including the preparation for the civil service exam, the details of interviews, thesis writing, and their opinions on enterprises and institutions. They stressed that one must persistently study and reflect in working. With cooperating, we can improve our confidence and skills of communicating. When facing setbacks, we should learn to set our mood and attitude.

All the non-graduating students actively involved in the exchange symposium, and got nice, detailed answers from the graduating students. The event ended with pleasant and active atmosphere.

All the first-year students benefited a lot from the exchange symposium. Non-graduating students not only acquired useful and practical knowledge about working and formed a clearer planning for both study and career, but it also helped them to recognize their drawbacks and reinforce their beliefs.


Source: http://ifas.xmu.edu.cn/cms/Content.aspx?ID=856