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Feel China: XMU International Students Visit Quanzhou
pubdate: 2021/12/24   views:

The “Feel China” event, initiated by the Student Affairs Office and organized by the School of Information, took place from December 11 to 12, 2021. A group of 14 international students from several schools and colleges visited Quanzhou City, including Jinjiang, a county-level city under its jurisdiction. This tour gave them more knowledge and understanding about China’s history and culture and its contemporary development and achievements.

On December 11, the group of teachers and students visited Jinjiang Experience Hall and Wudianshi historical and cultural block. Under the guidance of the staff, they looked back at the development path Jinjiang has undergone, imagined the booming trade between China and the “merchants from thousands of countries coming by sea”, and reviewed the progressive landscape brought by the policy of reform and opening up. They could see the remarkable achievements Jinjiang has made in the private economy, new-type urbanization and inclusive development. Amid the renovated antique structures of south Fujian, the international students were amazed by the houses and lanes in ancient style against the backdrop of a modern city.

Later, they visited a series of cultural heritage sites in Quanzhou, including Quanzhou Maritime Museum, the Southern Clan Office heritage cite, Kaiyuan Temple, the West and East Towers, and the Confucius Temple. Prosperous maritime trade, the charm of a multicultural community, the intactness of the cultural heritage-- All unfolded vividly. The international students highly praised Chinese nation’s contribution to cultural exchanges between different countries by carving out the Maritime Silk Road. They expressed their wish to learn the experience in regional development and international intercourse from Quanzhou and to make their contribution to the cultural exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

The “Feel China” event inspired the international students. Naftaly Muriuki Wambugu from the School of Information said that he was impressed by Jinjiang’s economic, social and cultural development over the past decades displayed by Jinjiang Experience Hall. He believed that the Jinjiang experience will be passed down, and he showed his respect for the commendable contributors to China’s development. MD SUZAUDDOL said this tour broadened his horizon, especially in maritime trade and transportation, urban economic growth, and local historical and cultural knowledge. VINCENT MBAHAWA CHEFOR from the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures said that Quanzhou’s valuable experience in the protection and improvement of historical and cultural heritage indicated China’s potential in developing the tourism economy, and that other countries could draw on the experience.

As an important part of the “Feel China” event, this tour provided an excellent opportunity for the international students to visit China’s historical sites in person and experience China’s development. The University hoped that the international students could obtain in-depth knowledge about China’s people, undertakings and conditions and thus become the recorders and communicators of Chinese culture. Furthermore, it is hoped that they will spread the fine culture that contains Chinese characteristics, Chinese spirit and Chinese wisdom to the rest of the world.