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Four Professors Granted the Nanqiang Outstanding Contribution Award
pubdate: 2022/04/11   views:

On 6 April 2022, XMU held a ceremony in the Jian’nan Auditorium to mark its 101th anniversary. Representatives of the faculty and alumni joined the event online and in-person.

In the ceremony, four professors were granted the Nan’qiang Outstanding Contribution Award, which was bestowed annually to those who made great contributions to the development of XMU. The award winners this year are Professor Jiao Nianzhi from College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Professor Han Jiazhun from School of Life Sciences, Professor Zhong Tongde from School of Mathematical Sciences, and Professor Chen Zhiping from College of Humanities.

Professor Xie Suyuan, representative of the faculty, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that every teacher of XMU serves as the pioneer and builder of the new centenary journey of XMU, and they would remain true to original aspirations, making great efforts to guide the students.